Unlock the Motivation and Skill You Need to Write -- and Publish -- a Transformational Memoir and Learn

The Keys to Writing a Memoir that Heals, Inspires and Transforms

Alissa Lukara

TO: All Transformational Memoir Writers (new and experienced)

FROM: Alissa Lukara, Transformational Memoir Author, Workshop Leader, Writing Coach and Editor

Note from Alissa: Online classes begin again in the Fall. Email Alissa for 2015 dates.

Are you passionate about writing a memoir with the power to touch people’s lives and make a positive difference? Have a calling to write your story of healing, inspiration, transformation and love so many can benefit, but worry you might never finish it?

Writing for Real: Writing Memoirs to Heal, Inspire and Transform Online Class

Finally, the support you need to write the memoir you have wanted to write (or have been writing) for months – or years.

Register now to:

  • Get started and stay motivated to complete your memoir quickly and easily
  • Easily capture your stories that engage your target readers
  • Find out how to write from memory – and how memory works
  • Gain skills and shortcuts that can shave months or years off writing and revision
  • Transform doubt, vulnerability and other writing challenges into writing strengths
  • Learn key elements of all good stories: structure, plot, character and scene — and why knowing these simplifies the writing process
  • Discover simple ways to set up a regular writing schedule – and stick to it
  • Determine where to start and end your memoir – and what life stories to include
  • Prevent alienating people you write about in your memoir
  • Discover how to create universal appeal for your personal story
  • Pick up insider tips on what agents, publishers and readers want for today’s market
  • Explore what the good reasons are for you to write a memoir, such as the healing and inspiration it can bring — and avoid the bad reasons to write one

A SPECIAL GIFT: You gain from my gifts of memoir writing hindsight. I tell all and share personal insights and skills I honed in writing, publishing and promoting my memoir. And I reveal the mistakes I made that you don’t have to.

These gifts alone can shave months and years off the time you need to write your memoir and bring added depth, potency and momentum to your writing.

Writing for Real: Memoir workshop

What you receive when you sign up:

  • 4 – 60 to 90 minute phone calls about memoir writing and your writing projects (all calls will be recorded and available for listening)
  • Q & A time during each call to ask your key questions about your memoir or any writing/publishing topic
  • Feedback from me on up to five pages of writing (I schedule when writers submit their writing during the 5-week period)
  • Writing guides or audio/video support for writing topics
  • Writing calls to action: Prompts and exercises that support you to write your story
  • A private Facebook group where you can interact with participants between sessions, post questions and share topics/books/articles of interest

Register now to secure your spot and discover the keys to writing your beautiful memoir with ease. We need your story

Special Bonus:  Writers who register today get a 30-minute laser coaching session with me.
Bonus #2:   Everyone who signs up: You receive a PDF copy of my memoir, Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul
Bonus #3:: You also receive my special report: 10 Ways to Transform Writing Blocks and Challenges into Creative Gold — Quick, easy tools I use to keep writing flowing with ease

Writing for Real: Memoir workshop


“I’ve been dreaming of writing my memoir for years. I’m so excited about taking this course with Alissa. The structure is going to be exactly what I need.”
Kathleen Gage, Online Marketing Strategist, powerupforprofits.com

About Your Guide, Alissa Lukara:AlissaBloomsbury2

Supporting you to tap the transformational power of your memoir writing and stand tall in your authenticity is my passion. I remain just as committed to the writing I am called to write: transformational memoir, fiction, nonfiction and poetry.

I wrote, published and shared a vulnerable, bold memoir about the healing, wholeness and grace that emerged during 12 years of life-altering challenges.

Here’s what Naomi Judd said about my memoir, Riding Grace: “Alissa Lukara takes us on a ‘tell it like it is’ odyssey to the other side of the suffering. In reaching the light at the end of the tunnel of abuse and illness, she offers us the gift of grace.”
Naomi Judd, legendary country singer-songwriter and author of Love Can Build A Bridge

In this memoir writing class, I also “tell it like it is” and share all I learned to inspire you, too, to write a powerful memoir. With all my heart, I believe the world needs the story you have to tell.

With 30 years of professional writing experience, I have been widely published (hundreds of articles, a memoir and nonfiction book with a small and large publisher, poetry) and am the author of the transformational memoir, Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul (Silver Light Publications). I am an active member of Willamette Writers and have spoken at their conference and other events.

As a writing workshop leader, editor and writing coach, I have supported writers to write and publish their books, essays, articles and poetry, find agents and publishers, and win writing awards with writing that was sparked in my classes.

For me, writing is a transformational path.

I also created and edited Life Challenges, an 800-page nonprofit website of articles, interviews and inspirational stories that for 11 years helped millions in 110 countries transform adversity. I hosted a community television show, Transforming Life Challenges for five years.

As a former PR executive, I implemented national publicity campaigns for companies and individuals and now use that expertise to guide writers to build an impressive following for their books and blogs and prepare them for media interviews.

In the process, I’ve traversed all aspects of the writing journey – from honing my writing craft to transforming writing challenges, including the fear of going public with my vulnerable and controversial subject matter, to promoting my book nationwide. On my book tour, I was interviewed nationally on radio by Dr. Bernie Siegel, Neale Donald Walsh, Lisa Garr of The Aware Show, various hosts on Sirius Radio Network and many others. I also appeared on network television in San Francisco and Eugene and articles and reviews appeared in newspapers and magazines. I have gained invaluable information about writing books that transform lives and about navigating today’s changing publishing and self-publishing landscape. I found great healing and transformation in writing my memoir and in sharing it with readers and via the media. Writing a memoir opened doors I never imagined possible in ways I never expected.

I discovered that as much as you as a memoir writer hope your writing touches the lives of your readers, your own life is the one whose very foundation you may first shake loose and re-form as you commit to the writing path. Facing challenges and tasting the transcendent joy of writing and publishing are both parts of the writer’s journey on the path to write and publish a book. You do not have to journey alone on that path.

I dissolved a major block and birthed my book.

“I needed a safe place where I could allow a major block to writing my book to dissolve. Alissa provided a safe space to touch into self-expression and to feel comfortable putting those words on paper, so a draft could emerge. Her gentle encouragement gave me the courage to let go of my agenda, connect with my muse and write. Her “Write it for you, first” guidance became my mantra, and I found my authentic voice. One prompt inspired me to write more poetry and prose. I began a memoir that included poetry, and now, I have birthed my self-development book. Alissa is a catalyst for bringing forth high quality, authentic work. She is a master of encouraging your unique voice. If you are considering Alissa as a writing coach and teacher, stop thinking and go for it. You will be glad you did.”

Jo Anna Shaw, Author, Take Your Power Back: Optimize 7 Key Elements of Your Power and Live the Life You Want Each Step of the Way, joannashaw.net

Who can benefit from “Writing for Real: Writing Memoirs to Heal, Inspire and Transform”Both experienced and new memoir writers

This class is for you if you:

  • Want to write a memoir that touches people’s hearts
  • Have started writing a memoir and want support to finish it
  • Do not know how or where to start your memoir
  • Write short memoir and want to weave it into a full-length book
  • Need a safe environment to explore your writing project
  • Have writer’s block
  • Experience doubt, fear, procrastination, “don’t have time” limitations and other challenges that slow down or prevent your writing
  • Care about good writing and need to learn how to craft your life story so it shines
  • Want to write a memoir targeted to today’s market
  • Want your book to be of service and offer healing
  • Care about transformation, consciousness and being authentic
  • Want to know how to get your memoir published or to self-publish
An unforgettably enriching and rewarding experience. I highly recommend it…“Alissa Lukara’s Writing Course was unforgettably enriching and rewarding to me. With support and encouragement throughout, for more confidence and comfort in being who I am, the class and environment gently challenged me to surrender more deeply into my feelings and ‘knowings.’ I highly recommend it, whether you’ve written your whole life or have yet to scribble a word. It’s about going to new places with an authentic and caring guide nudging and congratulating you along each step.”
Elly Brosius, published writer, group facilitator, CFSnova.com, Northern Virginia

Writing for Real: Memoir workshop

I learned that everything I need to write is within me…“Thank you for one of the most inspiring classes I’ve ever attended!  Your sweet and gentle direction along with your grace from writing what you have learned has propelled me into my next step as a writer myself.  I am thrilled at what I’ve learned – mainly that everything I need to write and to help people change their lives through their own empowerment is within me! I bless you and honor you.”
Shazna Jai, Author, 50 Feet in 30 Seconds, Ashland, OR, shaznajai.com/mybook.htm

What you will learn, week by week:

All Four Modules

Each week, you can access:

  • Written or Audio Support Materials
  • 90 minute memoir writing coaching call each week for 4 weeks (each call will be recorded and available to you)
  • Q & A opportunities during calls on all aspects of writing and publishing a memoir
  • Feedback by email for those writers scheduled that week to submit 5 double-spaced pages of writing
  • Writing calls to action: Writing prompts and exercises to support you to discover and deepen your story
  • Private group: Opportunities to interact with other participants, ask questions, share resources
  • SPECIAL GIFT: Each week, I share my own experiences of writing a memoir and give pertinent examples from other memoir authors. I lay out both what worked — and mistakes I made that you can avoid. These alone can shave months or years off your writing time.

Module One: Build Your Foundation
  • Find out the difference between memoir and autobiography
  • Explore memory and how you remember events in your life
  • Find out who you are writing for. Consider who your reading audience is for greater focus
  • Learn tools to capture the stories that most engage readers and make compelling reading
  • Gain clarity on where to start and where to end your memoir: Knowing this can save you time and free you up to write
  • Establish a writing routine and a plan for writing and completing your book that fits your busy life and your creative style
  • Explore the good reasons you have to write your memoir — and avoid bad reasons to write a memoir

Module Two: Organize and Clarify Your Book
  • Look at how best to structure and plot a memoir
  • Learn basics of the transformational arc in crafting a great story
  • Clarify your book’s main messages
  • Discover ways to choose which life events have universal appeal
  • Transform doubt, time issues, blocks, and the inner critic into writing confidence

Module Three: Write Your Book
  • Learn how to develop yourself and your authentic voice as the main character
  • Explore how to recall conversations and how and when to use dialogue in memoir
  • Dive into scene development as it relates to structure, plot and character
  • Look at writing’s main opportunity: Show versus tell and learn how to add sensory description

Module Four: Gain Motivation, Revision Tools and Perspectives on Publishing

  • Deepen into why the world needs your story and stay motivated to write and finish it
  • Learn tools and shortcuts for revision and self-editing
  • Explore how to prevent alienating family members or anyone else you write about
  • Address issues of vulnerability and fear that can arise when you write a personal story and bring it out into the world
  • Get insider tips on what agents and publishers want for today’s market

Writing for Real: Memoir workshop

How the Class Works

How: Participation is easy. Everything we do is by live phone call, email and internet. No travel involved. In addition,  writing guides, any added support materials and weekly writing calls to action will be added each week and will be accessible 24/7 in a special members only area. You decide when and how to use them during the five week class.You will also be invited to a special private Facebook group where you can interact with other memoir writers and post questions and resources.

Can’t make it to a live class? No problem. The live calls will be recorded and uploaded to this same area. You can also submit questions for the live Q & A each week.

I schedule which week you submit up to 5 pages of your writing to me  for feedback during the five week class period. You choose what kind of feedback– constructive or “what works” only.

Why: The world needs the story only you can tell — If not now, when?

When: Email me for 2015 dates. Classes start again in the Fall. Live phone sessions each week are at 4 p.m. PDT (7 p.m. EDT) and will be recorded so you can listen again later.

What: Bring writing materials (pen, notebook, computer, pencils) for each class session.

Register now and week by week, receive

  • Memoir Writing guides and Support Materials
  • 4 – live 60 to 90 minute memoir writing coaching calls (each call will be recorded)
  • Q & A opportunities during calls
  • Feedback by email for up to 5 double-spaced pages of writing
  • Writing calls to action: Writing prompts and exercises to deepen your story
  • Private Facebook group: interact with other participants
  • Special Gift: I share my personal experiences of memoir writing. I lay out both what worked — and mistakes I made that you can avoid.
  • 2 Bonuses: Everyone receives a PDF of my memoir, Riding Grace: a Triumph of the Soul and a special report on 10 Ways to Transform Writers Blocks and Writing Challenges into Creative Gold.
  • Special Bonus: Writers who register today receive a 30-minute laser coaching session with me.

Sign Up Now to Gain the Skills and Inspiration to Write — and Finish — the Memoir of Your Dreams!
Don’t miss out. Classes start [Class forming in the Fall! Email me for 2015 dates] 4 p.m. (7 p.m. EDT)

Your Investment for this comprehensive training is only:


Transformational Writers Memoir class

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

If after the first phone call of the class, you find you did not receive the value I promised, let me know before the next call, and you will receive a full refund. No questions asked. You have my personal guarantee.  Alissa Lukara

Cancellation Policy: If you register today and cancel before the class begins, you receive a full refund, minus a $25 processing fee. Space is limited, so register right away to get started writing a memoir with ease.

She helped me unlock words I didn’t even know I had…”Taking Alissa’s writing class inspired me to awaken my writing and take it to a whole new level. She was so supportive and encouraging that I just couldn’t wait to share my next writing exercise. Alissa has a special talent for helping writers find their special voice and inspiring them to practice that voice until it rings true. She helped me unlock words I didn’t even know I had.
Iris Chinook, published writer & artist, Hyampom, CA

I loosened up, lightened up and explored curves and corners of myself yet unexplored…“I loved the focus on my writing. I enjoyed knowing that I was sharing my writing with Alissa, a thoughtful, kind, inspiring writer – and a lovely human being.   I felt more responsible to myself to focus every day, knowing that Alissa was ready and waiting for my words.   The prompts loosened me up, giving me an opportunity to go wild and explore curves and corners of myself yet unexplored.  They helped me lighten up, even laugh a bit at how seriously I can take myself!”
Elisa Wike Hurley, Writer, photographer, intuitive painting teacher - works in process, Mount Desert Island, Maine

Some final thoughts:

Clearly, if you have read this far, you have a passion for writing and a desire to tell a story that offers healing, inspiration and transformation. However, if you have not yet started your memoir or the writing process is taking much longer than you anticipated (even months or years longer), if you can’t seem to find the time to write or are experiencing other writing challenges, you may also:

  • Need motivation to see the project through
  • Be concerned you will not ever write the memoir you need to write
  • Experience doubt about your ability to write it or your memoir’s appeal to readers
  • Let time constrictions squeeze out your writing dreams
  • Need guidance in how to write a memoir
  • Wonder if what you have to say is “good enough” to be published or matter
  • Feel overwhelmed by both navigating today’s changing publishing market and by the prospect of promoting your memoir
  • Feel vulnerable about sharing your personal story

That’s why I created this workshop to:

  • Support you on the path to answer your calling to write and publish a memoir.
  • Create a space where you are safe to explore your writing voice and subject matter
  • Share in the supportive community of other memoir writers who are on a similar journey.
  • Have you know that you are not alone, no matter where you are or have been as a writer. Most probably, I and other writers have been there, too.
  • Help you find the natural flow of your writing and words

May all your writing flow with ease and joy and bring you the peace and sense of completion that comes with writing your story.

Love and blessings from my writer’s heart to yours, Alissa Lukara

P. S. When you enroll in this class now, you gain the skills and build the foundation you need to write, finish and publish your memoir. You also have access to the best of my heart and artistic perspective, my commitment to your memoir writing success. I have done all I can in this workshop to simplify and clarify the memoir writing process for you, so you can get going and write your book with ease and tap the flow of writing grace. Let now be the time you write your memoir. You decide. Answer the call to share your story and make a positive difference now.

Transformational Writers Memoir class